5 Things you should consider before choosing a Brand/Merchandise Printer

5 Things you should Consider before Choosing a Brand/Merchandise Printer


Choosing a brand/merchandise printer who will meet your target at the best rate can be a complicated task as things may turn out to be unexpected from the printer’s end. Long before now, getting your brand printed on multiple items (shirts, polos, business stationary, mouse pads, mugs, etc) required multiple visits and long waits at specialize print shops. Kudos to digital printing and one-stop shops, the process has been streamline as one can be anywhere in the world and have their printing needs met and equally importantly it can be found under one roof with one vendor.

Thank goodness for technology! Now you can be on your computer or smart-device, pick your items, upload your graphic design, pay for your order and wait for your products to be delivered to your business or home.

However, choosing the right print vendor for quality brand printing requires some attributes to be considered. XIII Touches Printing has put this article together to handle these choice considerations when choosing your brand printing.

5 Things to Consider when Choosing a Brand/Merchandise Printer

1.Do they care about your Brand?

You’ll get a pretty good idea within the first couple of minutes of talking to a company how much they care about you and your brand and not just your money. Experience comes into place in knowing who cares about your brand, as it shows in the questions the vendor will be asking when you first approach them.

If the vendor really cares and has experience in the work you want to give to him or her, you will discover with the following questions:

Do they ask relevant questions about your brand and how you want it to be done?

Are they genuinely interested in your brand, or does it seem like you’re just another lead?

You want to make sure that the company you decide to work with is going to match your passion about your brand and be invested in making your printing/design a success. Pay attention to the above questions to make your choice.

2. Can they give you a competitive advantage?

With so many merchandise printers out there, everything can start to look and sound the same after a while (especially if you’re looking at more than a few portfolios). And if it looks “same old” to you, chances are it will look the same way to your customers.

Try to find a Printing company that strives to create truly unique work. It will make your brand more memorable and help it stands out from the pack. If you’re not sure, ask the company to pitch you a few ideas first. This simple exercise will probably show you if they have the ability to come up with something special or not.

As a professional vendor who wants to handle your brand, he/she should be able to come up with quality samples as related to the work you want to do. This single step can give you an insight of what you should expect and will help your decision.

3. Is there a culture fit?

This is typically a question you should ask when making a full-time hire, but it also applies to hiring a brand/merchandise printer. You can learn a lot about a company by reading their blog, reviewing their work, talking on the phone, and ideally, meeting them in person.

The company customer service plays a significant role in this aspect. A vendor that you want to stay with, for your future work needs to be approachable and be ready to solve every issue you may have in the course of your dealing with them.

Are they people you could hang out with? Do they share similar philosophies when it comes to doing business? Quality service is paramount to selecting a vendor that will be handling your future brands. Ensure you choose right.

4. Can they save you time?

This is a loaded question, but also one of the most important questions to ask. After all, time is the biggest asset we have. If you or somebody else wastes your time, you can never get it back. Ask the prospecting printer if they have systems and processes in place that can expedite orders and re-orders? How quickly the printer can work without compromising quality is very important.

This is a digital era where one can order and receive his/her order without wasting time. Always consider time frame in getting your job done. A timely printer with quality output can be one of the best things for your brand or business.

5. Can they maximize your budget?

Brand printing can be expensive, but your printed collateral can also be the first (and sometimes only) thing people associate with your brand and your business, so you want to make sure you get it right.

Many printers will over promise and under deliver. Note that you should not compromise your quality with price consideration. However, there are still print vendors out there who do quality works, and they are cost effective. Check your budget and go for the print vendor who can maximize your budget.

Why Choose XIII Touches Printing for your Brand Printing

At XIII Touches Printing, we are a team of creative engineers and strategist designers, who strive to create tangible art forms and merchandises of your brand. Using state of the art technology, we design and print merchandises that empower your brand identity.

Offering a host of services such as:

  • Apparel printing

  • Screen printing

  • Logo and graphic designing

  • Graphics printing

  • Embroidery

  • Promotional/custom gifts

We have been serving our customers in the United States and the world as a whole by printing their brands and all sorts of graphics designs. Gathered from our customers' reviews, these are the attributes that make us stand out among our peers:

  • We have a professional and skilled team to handle your brand printing.

  • Unparalleled printing technology backs our quality printings

  • We always care and cherish your brands to inspire us to do quality work for you

  • All our printing services are cost effective without compromise

  • We do your work in a timely manner

  • We are equipped with mannered and experience customer service to handle your inquiries

  • You can trust us with your future printing projects


Quality printing will bring out the real image of your brand. Your business card, letterhead and other brands that represent you everywhere you go need to be of a quality because they are ones that will speak for you even in your absence.

However, choosing the right printer is essential to producing quality printing. Following the above five considerations in choosing your brand printer will guarantee you success in the choice of the right vendor. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us. Stay tuned for more informative contents on brand printing.

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