Brand Maximizer

We simplify Branding, Innovatively!

Giving your Brand an identity of its own, giving your business, wings.


In the world where technology is constantly advancing and where advertising is adopting a new Avatar every time, creating an individual entity for your brand might be a far-fetching and challenging aim. Being a relatively expensive world of branding and marketing, how about having your very own, dedicated team of professionals, guiding you to and through making a success out of your brand?


Well! We at XIII Touches Printing are all about cost effective and efficient branding, giving you the power to take over the market your business resides in.


Timely, cost effective - result oriented branding.


Backed by 10+ years of professional experience, our team will build your brand seamlessly, in an organized manner. From design and development of your logo to channelizing the reach of your brand to every nook and corner across the globe, we are adapted into creating a phenomenon out of your business.

Why Branding is affordable with us?


As an SME or a start up, what you need is cost efficient solutions to create your brand name. That said, we excel in delivering top notch branding services ranging from web design and development to graphic designing, screen printing, promotional and consumer goods printing, at prices that so not pinch your pockets.


We use state of the art, update technology that acts as a one time investment but lowers down our costs of printing to a large extent over the time. Thus, we are able to deliver unmatched quality results while offering budgeted costing.

Unique Features


  • A wide spectrum of brand printing and design

  • Custom marketing strategies to enhance the reach of your brand

  • Access to a dedicated print strategist who ensures unmatched designing and end results

  • A wide galore of consumer products to choose from for customized promotional printing

Enhance your brand stature with our Brand Maximizer and get access to unique benefits.


  • Higher Returns on Investments

  • Far-reaching Brand Identity development

  • Strategized and structured marketing solutions

  • Attractive discounts on repeat and future orders

  • And much much more.